EGYPT Liveaboards - 26th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014 £1075 
Warm, clear waters that teem with a kaleidoscope of colourful marine life make Egypt a world class destination for divers. The incredible soft corals and abundant fish life make this some of the some stunning underwater scenery you will ever encounter. 
Imagine waking up next to a remote reef, descending into clear warm waters amongst a vast variety of corals and marine life, soaking up the sun whilst cruising to the next site and returning from a night dive to a welcoming evening meal.  
A liveaboard gives you the opportunity to live right over the dive sites and to experience secluded dives that are not normally available to day-boat divers. 
Trip Itinerary: coming shortly...... 
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Day 2 
Day 3 
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You do have to be passionate about your diving, as obviously you will not have access to the land based attractions only accessible on shore. But in return you will be able to experience the more remote dive sites, and sit back and be pampered by a crew ready to tend to your every wish. Many non-divers come along just for the rest! Just seeing the dolphins swimming along with you, or watching a sunset, or gazing into the night sky, away from all the light pollution turns the hardiest land-lubber into a liveaboard convert. 
Depending on the itinerary, there will be three or four dives a day, so by the end of a week’s diving, you may have logged in excess of 20 dives. If you are an Open Water Diver, you may well decide to undertake your Advanced Open Water Course to maximise your enjoyment under water, and you will see just how quickly your diving improves. 
Northern Wrecks and Reef, 
Red Sea 
22 dives over 6 days 
Nitrox available (extra £60 for the week) 
7 nights full board which includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and all soft drinks 
Transfers in Egypt 
including soft drinks,teas & coffee 
12L tank and weights  
Not included: 
15 litre tank hire (£35) for the week 
All this for £1075 
A £500 deposit is required to secure your place 
Call the shop on 01305 760888 or email for more information. 
Liveaboards – General Information... 
To maximize diving here, a liveaboard vessel is chartered for the week, to allow access to the more spectacular and remote areas of the Red Sea. The vessels that are chartered are famous for their luxury and level of service. For those who wish to get the maximum enjoyment from a diving holiday, without the concerns of a land-based holiday crowding the issue 
Many people new to diving shy away from a liveaboard because they have a preconceived idea that they boat will be full of hardcore veterans divers who eat, sleep and breath diving, and that they are going to be on the outside of a tightly knit group because of their lack of experience. Nothing could be further from the truth, as liveaboards attract all kinds of divers. Those who love staying shallow, looking at the reefs, those who love wreck dives, photographers, drift divers, fish-spotters, in fact every type of diver you can imagine from old vets to those with only a few dives in their log books! 
Another popular misconception is that you will be “roughing it” on board, crammed into small bedrooms, sharing with 3 or 4 others, aboard a converted fishing trawler. It is just the can expect luxury on board with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, spacious lounges with TV, DVD and video facilities and gourmet food. 
Diving Courses are available, and can be booked in advance. Nitrox is available, as are twin sets and stage cylinders if required. 
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