Scuba Reactivate 
Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving?  
Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty?  
The Scuba Reactivate is just the refresher you need. It reacquaints you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day. 
What You Learn 
You go over scuba knowledge you learned during your initial training. Then, practice in water skills in a swimming pool or in the sea. 
Safe diving practices 
Dive planning fundamentals 
Problem management 
Breathing air at depth 
Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge 
Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning 
Theory and Pool only: £150 
Theory, Pool, and two boat dives including equipment and boat fees: £225 
To take Scuba Reactivate, you must:  
have a scuba diver certification from any recccognised diving agency  
Be at least 10 years old 
The Learning Materials You Need 
Quickly and effectively review scuba diving fundamentals with PADI’s Scuba Reactivate Guidebook. Begin by answering a few questions related to dive safety, problem management and dive planning. For example: 
What are the five steps in a pre-dive safety check? 
What is the maximum depth limit for all recreational diving? 
What are the signs and symptoms of decompression sickness? 
At 12 meters a diver runs out of air. Her buddy is more than 20 meters away, what should she do? 
Adventure Diver 
Have you always wanted to try underwater photography? How about wreck diving? Here's your chance! You can sample three dives of your choice, get a taste of what you like, and feel more at ease in the water, strengthening your underwater skills and letting you enjoy scuba diving more than ever. 
Price: £375 
Get credit! Each Adventure Dive may be credited toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty course or your Advanced Open Water Qualification. This means you can be well on your way to becoming a Master Scuba Diver. 
To take the Adventure Diver course, you must be:  
A PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)  
Minimum age: 15 years old (10 years for PADI Junior Adventure Diver)  
Your Next Adventure  
After your PADI Adventure Diver certification you can take the next step by completing two more adventure dives. If you've completed five total adventure dives that include deep and navigation, you're a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver!  
Advanced Open Water Diver 
Exploration, Excitement, Experiences.  
They’re what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. And no, you don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed so you can go straight into it after the PADI Open Water Diver course.  
Price: £450 
This course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI instructor. It builds on what you’ve learned and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new activities and new ways to have fun scuba diving. 
To take this course: 
You must be a PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)  
15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)  
Your Next Adventure 
After you’ve tried a specialty in the Advanced Open Water Diver course, you’ll probably want to take the whole Specialty course and learn more about it. 
Rescue Diver 
Challenging, eye-opening, fun, rewarding - just some of the words used to describe the PADI Rescue Course. Most divers even say it's the best course they ever take! 
Price: £395 
To enrol in the PADI Rescue Diver course, you must 
Be 12 years or older 
Adventure Diver (or equivalent) 
Hold a current first aid/CPR certificate 
(See our Emergency First Response courses below) 
Your Next Adventure  
After completing the PADI Rescue Diver course, you should take the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course. Together, these courses round out your ability to handle scuba diver emergencies.  
Master Scuba Diver 
Sharpen Your Skills with the PADI Master Scuba Diver. 
You have the passion. You want to join the best of the best in recreational scuba diving. You want to live the dive lifestyle and explore the underwater world and go places and see things you have never experienced. 
More than a pipe dream? 
Absolutely! Do it by becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver – a qualification that puts you in the class of distinction – writing you a ticket to endless adventure and opportunities, through the experience and scuba training that sets you apart. 
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The Fun Part 
With the PADI Master Scuba Diver qualification, you have reached the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education. It means that you have acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments. See all the specialty diver courses offered. 
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver 
12 years old 
Minimum of five PADI Specialty Diver courses 
Minimum of 50 logged dives 
Emergency First Response Courses 
EFR Is a comprehensive first aid and cardio pulmonary resussitation course that can make a difference in accident and emergency situations.  
Price: £160 
The Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care course fulfils the prerequisite CPR and First Aid requirements for the PADI Rescue Diver Course. We can often run these simultaneously - ask us for more details or if you would like a refresher of your existing first aid and CPR skills. 
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