Kit Suggestions from OHDC: 
5 items of kit we think every diver should have. 
1. A good dive compass. 
This compass is top of the range in Sara's opinion. Here's why: 
"I've used a lot of compasses since learning to dive and the Suunto SK7 really outranks them all. Its got all the features you need in UK waters where navigation is often quite difficult! The largest side window I've come across makes it easy to read, The bezel is easy to turn in gloves, and stays put (whereas others can either be too tough or spin too easily), the marker lines are clear, and it has got such a wide angle of tilt, even if you don't have it perfectly level you can still get an accurate reading!
Some divers like a compass on their console, others on their wrist - let us know what you'd prefer!  
2. A Delayed Surface Marker Buoy and Reel 
This is generally a requirement in many countries (including the UK!) and is useful in many situations. Drift dives, of course, but if you and your buddy want to finish your dive earlier than the rest of the group just tell your guide and you can ascend safely and with a reference for both you and those on the surface. Also, in the unlikely event you get separated from your buddy, you can both put up your SMBs and regroup at the surface.  
A reel is also great for mapping our search patterns, or wreck penetration (if certified). This one has a handy thumb ratchet and a 50m line. 
3. A Torch 
Jack thinks this is the best back up around! 
"As back up torches go I think this one is the best. Torches come in many different shapes and sizes but when it comes to choosing a back up torch, you want something that is light weight but also very versatile. It has a rugged metal housing which will easily take the ordeals of living in a BCD pocket. It's got a focus-able lens so you can decide between a sharp direct beam or a wider beam. What is also great is the lens can be unscrewed from the top of the torch as shown in the picture so that the torch then becomes a really good video flood light! " 
Featured: The New TOVATEC IFLWA ZOOM - click here for full product details. 
4. A Knife 
People say that you need a huge knife to fight off all those man eating sharks, but these people are wrong! For one thing the sharks aren't going to attack you and another thing, a knife isn't going to make much difference! What you need is something small and lightweight that can be strapped onto your BCD strap with a clipping case in a bright color so it can easily be found if dropped or lost. Why do you need it? To untangle yourself, to cut a fouled line, to pry something loose, as a tool it is essential. 
Knife featured: £13.95 
5. A Spare Mask 
Even though you don't think it will ever happen to you - accidents do happen. Your mask strap snaps, the clip breaks, a tank lands on it...or your buddy's. Don't miss out on a dive, make sure you have a spare mask. The IST Hunter is a great low profile mask that won't take up too much room in your pocket or kit bag, has super comfy silicone in a nice matt black, and has pointed lenses which make clearing it easy. You never know, it might even become your primary! 
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